Machine Conductors Matter

For those who are wondering why so many different topicals are discussed in the world of body contouring?  Here is a quick explanation.
Conductors Matter....but why?
Cavitation is sound, to transmit acoustic sound waves you need a conductor. Sound waves moves through the body best with a water base conductor. Ultrasound Gel or Natural Aloe Vera Gel.
RF is electromagnetic, a current that travels from positive to negative and loops through the body as it connects from positive to negative probe. This produces heat. You need two things. #1 a good heat regulator and skin protectant. Glycerin is a good choice for this due to it's heat tolerance. #2 a metal based mineral. Why do you need a metal based mineral? Electrical current conducts and travels via metal.
What are some good metal mineral additives for your Glycerin?
magnesium, copper, gold, silver etc.
Why are people adding sea salt to their Glycerin?
Sea Salt has high levels of magnesium and is safe for the skin.
Which metal mineral holds the highest conduction rate? Silver.
Can I add silver to my Glycerin? Yes you can use nano silver, there are nano silver gels available online and also in the shop section of my website at Bodynovas.com 
Low Level Light Therapy. No conductor needed, nothing on the skin, no lotions, gels or oils, this can interfere with red light absorption. The only exception to this is green tea,  green tea rubbed into the skin before LLLT has shown to increase the effects of LLLT by 10x. There are medical journals published on this topic.