Machine Vs Operator

Machine VS Operator. Let's debate. I have 3 machine types that all give results. I see a lot of people ask when they see good results.....what machine are you using? A Lot of us are using the same machines. Technique matters, if the machine is properly working, technique is what matters and where the difference is found. I will give you an example of a few things that I see that are proof of this. #1 if all probes on the RF handle are not touching the skin at all times, you are not properly transferring energy. If you have a habit of lifting one side of your probe you are losing connection. I see this alot, take a video of yourself and watch your probe. #2 Fast cavitation VS slow cavitation. There is a sequence of events that must happen for a fat cell to be opened during cavitation, the sound waves must build pressure in the target area, as a result diffusion occurs ( bubbles form and create friction between cells until they rupture.) How long do you think it takes for that process to occur in one area? Slow cavitation allows time for this process to take place, moving too quickly can lessen the result. Movements should be slow and intentional. #3 Body sculpting is an art. You must look at the body and determine what part of your treatment area is causing the shape issue? For example, we have a client who has worn her pants too tight on her tummy and over time fat necrosis has occurred via constant pressure where her pants sit, creating an indention across the middle of the abdomen so it looks as if she has a roll on the upper abdomen that protrudes further than the roll at her lower abdomen. Will you work the entire treatment area? No. You will work the upper area until the top and bottom are proportioned evenly.  Once that happens only then you will work the entire area together. Example #2 you have a client who has noticeable fat pads at her upper inner thighs that protrude more than the rest of the thigh. Do you work the entire upper thighs? No. You work that fat pad only until it is evenly proportioned with the rest of the thigh. Working these areas together when a client presents this way will never even them out, one will always be smaller than the other. Your first step is to work the largest protruding area alone and then only focus on the full area once everything is evenly proportioned. The machine cannot determine this, the operator does. You can have the right machine, the right protocol and order of treatment but if you cannot evaluate your client and look at their body like a piece of clay that needs to be molded your result will never be the same as the technician who evaluates her targeted treatment area. This is way more than the right machine or treatment order, you have to mold the body in your mind first. Visualize and see what needs to be changed to improve the shape and focus on that target area. You can improve the look of the butt without ever touching the butt. You can work the love handles, inner thighs, and right below the butt cheeks and suddenly that area looks completely different, more lifted and the butt shape is defined. The problem was never the butt, it was the areas around it that disrupted the shape. This is technique and technique wins everytime. Don't focus on the wrong things ❤