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Rescue Serum - Sea Kelp & Irish Moss

Rescue Serum - Sea Kelp & Irish Moss

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Who says there is no such thing as magic? Introducing Rescue Serum – the perfect pick-me-up for tired, dull skin! Our facial serum is designed to boost hydration and replenish your skin’s natural moisture barrier. It helps brighten your complexion, reduce inflammation and restore skin's softness and suppleness. Formulated with sea kelp bioferment, irish sea moss (chondrus crispus) , and hyaluronic acid to create a powerful blend that helps combat the signs of aging. This serum is ideal for all skin types and can be used as a daily moisturizer or as part of your nightly skincare routine. Not only does it pamper, hydrate and protect your sensitive skin but it also provides the nourishment it needs to look healthy and radiant. Enjoy all the benefits of this luxurious, lightweight formula without any harsh chemicals!


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